Monday morning we woke up early and I made the kids some omelets with eggs that Kandi Anhalt’s (Nake’s host mom) dad brought over. The kids were excited to try the eggs because they were many colors and sizes.

After breakfast, we took the bus to Manitowoc and the kids stayed at the library for a little bit.

I had to go to the bank, so we walked from the library to the bank. It was a long walk, so we stopped along the way to eat at a Thai/Laos market. We had pad thai and fried rice and some spring rolls. The kids also bought some crab chips. It was all very delicious and the kids were very satisfied.


After the bank, we walked over to Hobby Lobby. The kids walked around the store for a little bit and then on the way out I made them try some of my favorite American candies: Red Hots and Good-n-Plenties. They didn’t like them at all! Hahah!

On the way out of Hobby Lobby, we missed the bus by a few seconds and so we had to walk back to the bus station downtown. Then when we got to the bus station, we missed the other bus by a few seconds and so we had to wait. Argh!

We ended up walking quite a bit, but the weather was nice and the kids enjoyed the fresh air, so it was all good.