April 23 : I woke up at 7:45. I went to MLC and it is a college for people who wanna we pasture or teacher. The weather was so good and the house are very beautiful I really wanna live there. It’s a park and it super awesome. I went to hiking and it so beautiful. I can feel Minnesota air, Minnasota dirt, Minnesota grass etc. It is pretty I really enjoy it. I thought that this place is so romantic sun is shine and wind that so fresh. All trees so beautiful when you look up on the sky you can see everything pretty. After that we played mvolleyball and it very fun. Then we watched baseball game and it super boring I thought that I was only one who bored but everyone was bored cause MLC was lost. It’s like 11-0 for half of game and it was so hot. MLC food is very yummy. I like spaghetti it the best!! After that we went back to hotel and swam. It was awesome.
April 24: Today I went to Mall Of America it very big and I thought that I wanna buy a lot of stuff but I didn’t bought anything and I walked around and found Hot Topic and it a lot of people and very long line. I bought one dress that very cute and not expensive but the line was so long it feel like forever and it 10-5 minute left so I just bought that dress in MALL AMERICA such a lame. Then we stayed in the bus like 8 hour and we arrived at bethany!!! I’m so happy home sweet home. After I get home first thing I have to do is poop. The reason why I wanna poop so bad is I sat right on the Toilet room and it so DISGUSTING and I smell like TOILET why I didn’t change seat? CAUSE THERE NO MORE SEAT FOR ME ANG NOBODY GONNA SWITCH MY SEAT WITH ME CAUSE IT SMELL GROSS!!!! DIDI SMELL LIKE TOILETThen I try my dress it little bit large but it fit me I like it and the internet is dead so I can’t update my blog.