Yesterday we went to shopping mall.At that mall it is the first time that I used my money! When we finished our shopping,we went back to the school and have a pancake party.Then we back to our room and continue did a card for our host family.

Today we will meet our host family! In the morning we went to church until 11 o’clock.Then we walked back to the school and set up the table for our host family party.At 2 o’clock our host family came to the school and had some food with us.I met Clara’s cousin and her older brother.Then I have to say goodbye to my friends and went to my host family house.At home they have 2 pets one big dog and one cat.The dog is played with me she walk around me but I don’t like it because it has her saliva all my cloth.And the cat he likes to sleep on my bed but I don’t like it too because I’m allergy to animal hair!