Last Day At SCHOOL

Today I feel like little bit sad cause today was a last day at school . Erin bought cake for me because it my last day so sad. Then at resest we like played like catch the ball some thing ,but its look like American football.Then we have Dodgeball Tournament and its super fun and its have 4 teams Orange(my team) Blue Yellow and Pink. 4th Yellow, 3thOrange (Yee) , 2rdPink and Blue 1st. Its awesomee then one teacher said that they have this for me ,but well its don’t have my name on the list so I have to asked Mr.Seigkler that can I played and I thought that its like non-sense. Then we like watch World War II . Then after suppor we will go to eat Smart Cow with Kendal . I already pack my bag now . Then we back we will play Charade.

I DON’T WANNA LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will cry TMR !!!!!

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