Yesterday we have to said good bye Host Family we are so sad and we cried a lot. Then we have to went to LaQuinta Hotel because its was not far from Six Flage. Its long time to got there its like 3 hours and I miss our Host Family!!!!! When we at Hotel we have to get all the bag in Boy room.Then we went to The mall and we have to wait for Taxi ,but its doesn’t came when 1 hour it came like just 1 car , but we have to used 2 so T.George are very angry. Then like 15 minutes 2 car were came. When we at the mall we ate Mc Donald’s then we went to shopping the mall are very large and I bought some shoes and shirts that sales and its very pretty.We sprit like 2 groups first teachers and kids and we are like older group we have June Carrot Win Pooh and I .However Win and Pooh were out of DG group(Girl group) cause they are boy they want to bought something that they want to bought. Then we have to met T.George at 6:00 and we are walk like very far so we have to ran and its very funny. When we mer T.George we are very tired and the bag that we carried are very haevy. Then Pooh helped us to carried the bag. Then we went back to Forever21 .Then we played like MirrorMaze and its like real because the mirror are so clear. Then we walk little bit and we went back to Hotel and T.George tell plan that we have to go to Great America.Then we went to swam the pool. Then we back at room and slept.

Great America
June Carrot and I were sprit out from the other then we are race everyone because we have to ran to Superman and we are the first one that played superman . Then we played like everything and we gave a lot of fun . We are played like everything and its super duper scary ,but we are DG and weplayed like scary thing!!!!!

Then we ate Burgerking and walk back to to hotel and have a plane for tomorrow. Then we writting a blog now.
I miss my HostFamily a lot!!!Love you!!!
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I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…