On 7 May,I must to stay at apartment alone because my parent went to work.At the time my mom said she go to work and I just say good bye then I slept.I slept long time until 4:30 P.M. I didn’t know why I sleep so long.Everybody in my family nervous because they thought maybe I become unconscious or something like that.They called me a lot but I didn’t know because I slept.Finally my dad hurried to finish work and came back to see me.When he arrived home.He opened the bedroom door and turned on the light and shout to me ‘Bangpan what happen!!!’ So I’m just woke up.I confused what happen and he said ‘now is 4:30 P.M. Why I didn’t wake up. everybody nervous because you’.At first I thought he just kidding but It’s true.So after that I ate 2 bananas and a lot of water because I didn’t eat anything all the day.and then when my mom came back and everything about why I slept so long was finish my parent and I went to go to Hua Hin. We had fun at Hua Hin until we came back on 10 May.
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