On yesterday last night after we finished shopping at 6 p.m we ate dinner.ours dinner is sandwich.And we think we will back to school but teacher george surprised us by he bring us to the cinema to see batman vs spiderman.we back from cinema around 4.45 p.m and arivved at school arpund 5.50 p.m when we back to school I took a shower and take a bath .I go to bed at 1.00 a.m today I got up at 8.30 a.m. cereals is ours breakfast. When we finished breakfast and washed dish.we played slaff in ours room . After that we went to the gym to play basketball,”ring ching ball”,olan call named.when we played olan it was very fun for me .ours lunch today are cheese sandwish. When we cooked lunch butter is very hard and it lacking the bread.we finished lunch around 12.30 a.m .I played basketball again with green,didi and pround . Now we go to manitowoc to the lake it very cool and library in manitowoc for writing blog and relaxing