In march 25 ,we left from Bangkok to incheon Airport in south Korea around 5.00 A.M. Korea.Until the way in the airplane I spent a lot of time to sleep.when we arrived in Korea . the first things we went to the toilet and then . we bought something to eat .Example is ice-cream. we spent time in Korea around 5 hours .Until the ways from Korea to Chicago It had 2 meals in the airplane.first meals is seafood and oysters sauce with noodle .the second meal it had fish with spinach and rice. it had sometimes I feel like I had airplanesickness . When we arrived in Chicago around 10 A.M. Chicago. we came to school by Vehicle. when we arrived it had snow near the street. after we finished to prepared ours bed tonight we walked along the street to play snow and the playground .The bad things for me is i used sandals to played snow because I didn’t want my shoes get wet and it made me very cold and made my feet numbness.after played the snow we all played Basketball.And now we go and walk along the street to the Village Inn to eating pizza and writing this blog.