Yesterday we have to stayed at school or home because the host family will pick me up and we will went to the church. Before we went to the church we went to the market to bought some soda then we back to house and went to church. When we at the church I very tired . Then Win Carrot and I (June has gone yesterday because she will went to minizota with her friends at school so we miss her )(This year Kolar family will take me to Mountain Olimpus the swimming pool and the others I’m so happy ->3 weeks) are walk around because T.George said that if we stay at home we will gonna work so we walk around and talk. (June Carrot Win and I are 4 Angies group)Then we back and my Host family were came!!!! We played basketball oh Olivia has win the Basketball game before she came !!!! Then we ate some dinner Ithink. Then I went to Kolar family house and I gave the gifts for them they really like it I happy that they like it. Then we played a little bit game. Then went to bed.

Today I went to school. You know T.George has gave me the wrong principal names again!!! His name is Mr.Needham not Mr.Leckler again!!! I have friends I’m so happy to see them again. We played kick ball . When we back home I have to write my blog Olivia practicing the piano and the flute. 

Mama I lose my I phone head charge so I have to take out the head charge of Macbook and the internet I can’t use it I don’t know why I can check the line but I cam’t answer you so sorry about that.

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…