Hello yoyoyo!!!!

Yesterday after we wrote a blog we are played at the playground in the Mcdonald actually it is for kids. Then we back home then played sorry ,while T George was do a TACO which is very good!!! Then we have to woke up early so we have to sleep at 8:00pm . However June Carrot and I were talking little bit then we sleep just while we heard like a knife was hitting I thought it was from a P’Pat Iphone.Then we sleep….

Glingggggggglingggggg the clock was woke us up on 5:00, but June Carrot and I woke up at 6:00 then we ate a scramble eggs. Then we change clothes. Then we went to Divine Savior School . We met some friends . Then we met the kindergarten they are very cute and very nice we played with them , they read the story for us a girl that I met read the story for me doesn’t read S example still -> till so funny and very pretty.When we back to home we olat SORRY again and eat some snacks. Then we pack a bag . Then we eat a hotdogs then June Carrot and I have a little show . Then we went iut to eating some ice cream. 

That all for today we writng blog at the car and we will publish at ice cream BYE!!!!

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…