Yesterday after we finished our blog then we have a Oriential Class. Then we went Hardee to ate dinner it was the first thing that T.George said good and its very good !!! Then we went to Bowling we have a lot of fun I met Olivia she good on the Bowling!!! We have a lot of a lot of fun .Today June and I woke up at 6:00am
then we ate a cereal with teacher George. When Carrot woke up then we want to play SORRY so we asked Win to play with us. While we have ti hurry up because T.George have to unm photo something . Then we went to Henning Cheese and Kay she is like let us see how to making the cheese how heavy does it and let us taste the cheese . Then we bought some ice cream and Soda drink. Then we went to Fider Farm to eat lunch after we eat lunch we play with Abby she is 4 years old and she is very cute and funny. People at the farm or Fider Family are very kind and very good people I like them and we are name the cow that was born yesterday .We name it Jaoying (Princess in Thai) she is very cute.Oh I forgot to talk about the Alparka and goat it is very cute and it fur is very soft .The Fider family are give us the gifts the pencil,coloring book and the key rings. Then we went to Walmart because T.George have to buy the food to make the dinner. Then we come to Mcdonald to writing a blog then we will back home. Okay that for today Bye!!! thanks for reading.

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…