Yesterday we went to eat at TACO BELL~~. It very delicious it taste like T.Christ berito(DRP) . Then we went to roaller skate. First we met Skyanne Carrot buddy she is very beautiful. Then my host family were come .Everybody look change Olivia was taller ,Emma getting long hair,Lizzy taller and Sam was cute than last year .We have a lot of fun . I’m failed a lot of time and I hurt my knee and but.Carrot failed a lot of time (like me) ,but she try sobshe will getting better and better.However June never failed and she was expert on skating (but she doesn’t know how to break) she is very good.. Then we went back to school and we all sleep ( yesterday have a lot of star).after we back to school we aren’t taking a shower(exept Fah) because we all tired. Today we woke up at 7:48am we are cook the bacons and pancakes very yummy then today wehave to washind dish and today it has a lot of dish to wash oh my god…..When we finished wash the dish we are brush our teeth then June Carrot and I wear a neon clothes (ver cool!!!) then we went to Hennig cheese first brcause T.George have to tell that we will go to Henning cheese. Then we went to the ZOO we saw a cool animal like Bison(we sang love song for the bison it might have baby soon hahaha). Then we went to Library then we will going to bowling this night yeeee.

Byeee It might having a snow today 30%

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…