Last night we ate dinner at Mr.Lucky . At Mr.Lucky it had a bar and restaurant I thought the food will delicious,but it be oily because I order cheese steak and I share cheese steak with June . The food at Mr.Lucky was to much and very oily!! I don’t like Mr.Lucky ,but at Mr.Lucky had tool to catch the dolls Gam got 2 of rabbits Gene got 1purple tabbit and teacher George got 1 ugly turtle that had foot of dog stamp around the body ha ha ha~ . Then we went to teacher George mum house . At T.George mum house they had one dog it name is Pepper he was very cute it like to played with evertbody. T.George mum and dad was very kind his dad was gave us some cookies it very delicious! Then we back to the house ,take a shower and go to bed

This morning was very cold and I ask Gam that I’m going to sick because I had snot and cough and Gam gave me some medicine and I’m was feeling better.and I go to wash my teeth and June doesn’t fiund her address card abd I want to borrow her comb and I found her address card!! it at her dhower bag haha then
T.George said we had to build some snowman and if boys or girls was lose someone will clean up the house and if who won they will got a prise.Actually we can not made it because the snow was not melting and it too strong,but we was not refuse!! we made a big snowman at the park ,but we was not finished yet:( . Then we went to T.George mum because somebody had some gift to gave her,but I don’t had ;( Then T.George mum gave me some of gift,but I didn’t gave her anything ToT. Then we went to eat lunch at Wrap it up I like it because it delicious. Then we go to library to write a blog and then T.George said after we ate dinner at Taco Bell we will watch the movie at the theater Ye!!

I am very active girl. I like to run around in the field and doing thing all the…