Yesterday, it was the first day of going to school. Maggie told me that we had to leave at 7.20 ,so I decided that I would wake up at 6.50 ,but actually I woke up a bit late ,so we left at 7.30 and arrived to school at 7.45. Before first class started we had to meet Mr.Butturini ,the principle, to give him a gift from Thailand. Then, first class started at
7.50. First class was a singing class. When I walked in to that classroom the guy who sat in the front of the row say hi to me very loud and talk to me a lot. But he looked a bit unusual ,so I asked Maggie what’s the problem with him and she said that he was a bit disable. Then, second class we had psychology. I didn’t get it all but I tried my best. Third class , we studied marketing. We learned about demand&supply and he gave an assignment to do the report in the class ,so I just waiting until lunch time. We had to leave the class earlier than everyone , I mean 5 minute before the class end because my bone is broken ,so she didn’t want me to queue up for long time. When we got the food, we went to sit at her same table. But the surprise was…the guy who a bit disable sat on her table!! Maggie said that he had never sit on this table until I came here. All her friends told me that maybe he got a crush on me.. At the table, he talked to me all the time and that make me annoy. Afterwards, Maggie and I had to separate because she had to go to the elementary school ,so she brought me to english class of grade 10. At the english class,I studied about poem and that was hard to me ,but teacher help me very well. After that Maggie pick me up and did the art work with her for the prom. Then when we got home, her friend came to have dinner with us and we went to the Bay park Square together to make Maggie’s eyebrow look pretty and ready for prom. Then, we ate ice cream and back to home.