Today ,I woke up at the same time.I ate my breakfast and built Lego with Olivia for a while.I watch the diary of Anne Frank📋📋 because grandma opened it.It was the story that I learned in G.8 at my school^^.The movie was very old.It was still black and white because it happened for a long time since the World war 2 and watched some part of The Voice🎵🎵.We played the toy until 11.30 ,I took the rest and I ate pizza 🍕and cookie🍪 for my lunch.After that ,Olivia brought new set of Lego to build.It was the large one.We build and took the rest many times.I brought the cookie and cream bar snack 🍫that I bought from Florida to eat and gave it to Olivia to try.Grandma went back home and I stayed with Olivia for a while before mom came.She felt better today :).Olivia wanted to continue playing with the lego but some pieces was lost so,we went to find Lego box in the toy room but it was too many so,we brought it into family room first.When dad came home ,he made bacon and cheese for us 🥓🧀.It was very very delicious.This was the one of my favorite food :).After that ,we continued finding the Lego.Finally we found it!!!! So,we kept building for a while before I came to rest and continued write this blog.We watched some movies before I went to bed 🌛