Today ,I woke up and ate doughnut and milk for my breakfast.Maya picked me up at 7.25 am.First was chorus and we went hawk time.In science class,Mr.George came into room and took some pictures of me and I listened to the Genetic disorder presentation.They presented it very good.It had Autism ,Down syndrome,Alzheimer’s,FFI and tomorrow we will continue listening to it.Next ,we went to Spanish class.It was free.History and English were the same.I felt a bit stomachache.I didn’t know whyyyy.When I finished eating my lunch ,I was feeling better.I learned Spanish and Math before I went home.I ate ham and pasta for my dinner.At 6.25 ,we were going to Rollaire skate.I saw Mook run to go inside the building.I tied up my shoes and mom helped me too.Today, I didn’t need walker anymore but I could go slowly.I talked with them many things and sang a song with my friend.I left around 8.20 pm.I said good bye to my friends and to the Rollaire skate too because it was the last time that I played.We arrived at the house around 8.35 pm.I took a shower and went to bed.GN 🌛