Today is last Sunday here. We don’t have any plan and anythings. We went to Sunday school in the morning and finish at 11.00. We learn about Jesus and I don’t know much but I know how to open the bible now (Amazing). We get back home for a long time because church is in two rivers. So on the way back we have Mc donald’s for lunch. Then when we get back home I went out for ride explore around here because we don’t have anythings to do left. To day weather is little bit cold but it became hot when you ride for a long time. So Todd and Kerry go for shopping some food and lunch for Jacob at school because Jacob has cold lunch but I have hot lunch at school. Then when I get back home Jacob played his DS but I watched Arrow in netflix. It was very fun. Then Todd went back home and we have a chicken for supper. It was delicious. Then when finish I write a blog. 🙂