Today was the last Sunday that I stay with my host.I
was a little bit sad.I woke up at 8.00 and ate yogurt
for my breakfast.I watched movies with mom and
Olivia for a while and after that I played Phase 10
with Olivia.I ate orange chicken and fried rice for my
lunch.We continued playing Phase 10 with mom.First
time,I won.But the second time ,I didn’t lucky and do
well 555.So,Second time ,Mom won and third time
Jordan came to play with us too.After we played for a
while,Mom and I went to Wal-Mart to buy some stuff
and developed the pictures from the camera.And we
went home.Olivia read the book and she found that
Unicorn was real and she believed that Unicorn is
real so,Jordan told her that it’s not real.It was just the
legendary.It was a funny things that they are talking
in this things with each other.So,Olivia called her dad
to explain to her and it’s mostly clear.We had roast
and potato for our dinner.After that ,we tried to eat the
stuff from Thailand.Olivia didn’t like seaweed,Taro.The
one thing that she likes is mango pocky.Mom tried
banana with tamarind and she like it.After we finished
eating.We did face mask before I went to bed for 20
minutes.Our face were very funny 555 ^^.When we
finished ,I took my shower and packed my clothes for a
while before I went to bed.The time passed so fast 😢