Today ,I woke up a bit late.I ate waffle for my breakfast and watched American Idol for a while.It was very very good because this week ,they sang with the singer and one of them was Lucas Graham :).It was a cold day today.Mom told me to wear a warm shirt because we gonna go to the rammage sell.It is the people sell the thing in front of their house that they didn’t use but it’s good.We left the house around 10.30 am.We went to many house and before we went back.We went to the place that mom and dad engage.It was a beautiful place.It has a lake and fountain.We went to pick and save to buy stuff for dinner and I bought many snack too like Oreo golden,cookies.We went back and had sub for our lunch .It was so delicious after that we played games together.We played right left center game.First ,dad won all the time.So,we thought he was cheating.We tried to change the seat.And Other people won so,it might be the seat.But dad didn’t cheat at all.Second game was UNO ,we played for a long time in this game. When Jordan came ,the game was funnier because he was teasing to Paul and Olivia.I thought it was cute bro and sis.We were playing for a while before the dinner.When we finished,we went to help mom cook for taco.I did cheese.I ate taco for dinner.It was so delicious.After dinner ,I called to my mom to say happy birthday to her a d we played game for a while.It was phase 10.This was my first time.Mom helped me to play first.Everyone was playing very good and dad won again.After we finished ,we went to bed.GN