Today,I woke up and went to school again.The time was faster and faster.Its one day left for school just next Monday.Maya picked me up around 7.30 am.It was windy today.First class,they were playing soccer.Second class was band.Third class was Science.In science class,we did lababout the blood of anti A,B and Rh.We had fun with it.Next we went to band again.They practiced playing with their song.In history class,we didn’t learn too much.We just listened to music and realized about some important part.We learned English before I went to eat lunch.After lunch,Many people talked and spoil about Avenger End game.Maya was very upset because she didn’t like the spoiler.It was funny.Next was Spanish class and In math class,we learned to solve the problem.It was harder than the other day.When I went back home ,I watched Mama Mia 1 and 2.It was very very good movies 👍👍.And said happy birthday to Jordan 🎉🎉.We had orange chicken with fried rice for our dinner.It was delicious.I watched American Idol with mom.This week ,they sang very very good and they sang with the singer too.I love it ♡.Olivia peeled orange for me and mom when I was watching TV too ♡♡.I watched American Idol for a while before I went to bed.💤