Today is Wednesday . It was snowing in the morning . Today I got up at 6.40 A.M. We went to quick shop this morning . We went there to get our breakfast . My breakfast was cheese burger and hot chocolate . We brought it to eat it school while waiting in preschool floor . Then I went to my classroom . I did my history homework before the class start . After that we went to church before the first class . We stayed there for 30 minutes . Then we came back to our classroom . First class was class about religion . Then we had math class . We had to do assignment in this class . Then was break time . I did my math assignment for a couple minutes . Then I went outside to play basketball . It was snow outside . Then we had English and literature class . We had assignment on English class . I finished it already . We didn’t have assignment on literature class . Then was lunch time . We had special lunch this afternoon . It was pizza . I had two pieces of pepperoni pizza and milk in this afternoon . Then we had break time . I went outside to play football with my friend . It was still snowing outside . It was very snow . Then we had spelling and history class . In spelling we had final spelling test of unit 32 . Then we move to history . We studied history for a while . Then we move to study history in fifth and sixth grade classroom . Because they had to use computer in our room . Next it was physical education . We had to run outside around the school . It was still snowing and very heavy . So , when we finish running , we went in the church to do exercise in the church . Then we came back to our classroom . Next we went to gym to play practice . This was the last practice . Tomorrow we will have performance at 1 P.M. After that we had running practice . But I didn’t practice till the end because I had to buy food in Thai shop with mom and Junior . When we came back to home . I stayed in a living room for about 30 minutes . Then we had dinner . It was bread , meet , and fried chip . Then we stayed in the living room till dad came home . When dad came home he showed as his turkey that he got today . It was very big . He showed us how to slide it too . Then I came back to the living room to upload blog .