Today,I woke up at 7.30 by Olivia.After I finished taking my bath.I asked Olivia for laundry and she taught me how to do it.and after that,I watched movie (A good dinosaur) with her.For my breakfast,I had scramble egg with mushroom and bread.It was delicious.After that ,I played hide and seek and pillow fighting with her and played some games more.At 1.00 Maya , my buddy came to house.She was so friendly and cute and we went to see Dumbo.The movie was very good and dumbo was very cute.When we came back home.Olivia invited me to play Alexa game.We played song game many round until 4-6 o’clock.After that ,we had roast beef ,potato and corn for our dinner.I helped mom washed the dishes and prepared my lunch for tomorrow.And I’m plan to  going to the bath and slept at 8.30-8.45 pm. because I gonna woke up early for tomorrow.Gn 🌛