Today, I woke up at 6.35.I was sleepy a little bit.I ate cereal for breakfast and prepared food for lunch.The other thing was the same.It was kind of a bit boring.In science class ,we learned about sex linked traits and we tlaked and did the sheet about baldness and we had sweet things happen Mrs.Ackly’s husband came in our class and brought Starbucks coffee for her.It was so sweetly things.In history class, teacher opened song for us.It have 7 years ~ Lucas Graham , Love yourself ~ Justin Bieber and old song after that we saw 20 minutes videos and came to English class , I just blog and read the pull of the ocean that I read from yesterday.Its 90 pages left.It was fun in afternoon.In Spanish class,Teacher talked to me about Carmex (chopstick)(ยี่ห้อลิปมันค่ะ) ,Levi’s and Gum that she usually buys for her friend in Spain.In Math class ,I thought it was funnier than the others day and I thought It was not boring for me anymore.At my dinner,we had McDonald’s.It was different from Thailand for a little bit.It was delicious.After that we hurried going to the Olivia dance party.Olivia was very excited.When we came back, I ate cookie cream icecream and went to bed at 8.30 pm.GN 🌛