Today is Monday . It is the last day in Chicago and in USA . Tomorrow , we will go to the airport to go to Thailand . If elf very sad that I have to go to Thailand tomorrow . Because , I don’t wanna leave America . I miss my friends at America . They were very good friends . They helped me in everything . That is the reason why I miss them very much . This morning I got up at 6.30 A.M. I slept on sofa last night hahaha . Then I went to take a shower . Then I had a breakfast . It was befaroni . It looked like maggaroni in potato sauce and beef . It was good . Then we prepare a stuff to get out . Then we went down to the lobby and waited for T. George and P’Pat . After that we went to the train station . We got on the train to the town . Then we walk to macy’s . While we were walking , we went to shop in the store that we pass . We went into Nike , Disney store , Apple store , and etc. I brought the dolls from Disney store . It was for my sister and my aunt’s son . Then we had a lunch at macy’s . I had sandwich as the lunch . Then T. George let us go shopping from 12.40 P.M. until 4 P.M. It was very long time . I went up and down to search for shoes for my dad . But I got my new shoes instead of my dad shoes hahaha . I bought only one thing . Because I could’t find the shoes that my dad want . Then we went to eat Chicago hotdog . It was good . We also had onion rings too . Then we walk to train station to go home . We separated in two groups . My group got into the first train . Then the second group will come on the next train . I wrote the blog while I was in the train . Then I uploaded the blog in the hotel . Then we will prepare the stuff for leaving in the tomorrow morning ( I don’t wanna go T^T ) .