In 5/1/15 is the last day at school and last daywith Dombrowski familry y. I vesadddd;'(((( so I took a lot of picture with my friend. I will miss them . We are my best friend forever. I love them <3<3<3 . In morning  my friendgave me a big card that have a massege “we will miss you” In lunch I eat sandwich, corn and melon. I don’t like it  After lunch I learn like yesterday but in reading class we watch a movie that we read ‘Killing mr.Griffin’. In evening was the last track practice. I ran and took a picture. Then we eat ice cream together and I took a lot of hug. Then we come back to home. Arianna don’t come back because she stay with her friend and Skyanne go to her boy friend house so I and mom help to packed bags. Then I take a shower( I cry during take a shower) and go to eat Chinese food. Then we go to met Pat and Groege. I talked to mom in last time and she came back.