Today I woke up at 6.05 A.M. and I wash my face and brush my teeth then I change my cloth. I go down the house to get my breakfast cereal and then I go up to woke Mind up at 6.45 A.M. then I went to school. In zero hour Jadian do her worked in the computer and sheet. In first class A.P. Government and it have 2 presentation again until friday and it will have the one to asked too. The second period teacher gave a group work to do and the third period I sat with Jadian in the computer room and she sat there and do work with her friends in the computer. The fourth class is Math, the teacher gave an exercise to do in the class and gave a homework to students and Jadian finished in the class. At lunch time I ate meat burger cheese and chocolate milk. The next class is History and teacher opened a video for students to watched in the class. The last class is free because Jadian finished all of the video game already. When I’m at home I go to my bedroom and get my phone then I talked with Muk in Line and Muk not come to school today because Alex grandmom just pass away this morning and I was really shock because about 2 week ago Alex grandmom just cook a food for me to ate.