Hi! Today I’m not gonaa talk about this day cause it very simple day. I will talk about I’m getting fat. Yes you will say I’m skinny I don’t need to diet but you have to see me when I’m open my shirt!!! I think I pregnant!! So I can’t help with food cause it have butter and cheese in most of food.So I try to exercise and eat less snacks. When I back to Thailand I have to diet. Second thing that I will talk to day is KETCHUP. Ketchup is a sauce that you will already know what that is. First it a sauce that it taste so good when you eat with potatoes. Second sometimes if you don’t have any choice cause food is tasteless the first thing I will do is put ketchup in. Third is when chicken have like smell and I have to put ketchup on it. I can’t live without ketchup. At school I have to bring food and oneday dad forgot to put Ravioli sauce in ravioli and it taste nothing so I put ketchup in it and my friends at school like what am I doing. Then I always put ketchup on everything cause it good and sometimes it look gross wheen I put with mash potato well I already said it good when it with potato. Even thiugh it gross but I love it. I can’t live in America without ketchup