Hello guys 🙂
Today is Wednesday l got up at 6.35 am. and went to take a bath and then l went to bought breakfast ( muffin and hot cocoa ) at mart and went to school. When l stayed at school l prepared for studies. In every Wednesday morning l went to church and study at church to 8.30 am. and went to my classroom and learned math and hymn ( songs of christ religion ), In math lesson l studies about ratio and range, and then when time to 10.10 am. l went to recession. In recess l played basketball with my friends in school ( America ) … and then l went to classroom and learned to 12.10 , when l went to classroom after recess l learned social studies but in lesson social have test but l don’t do that 555 and then l listen poetry of christ (Jesus) and have a lunch. In lunch today school have pizza and l take it , then l went to recess in noon …. and then l came back to classroom. In noon learned art and music ( singing ) when finished art class next class is English in this lesson teacher gave a project for everyone but l don’t do it but l do math homework . After when over class l went to dancing practice because in Friday have school’s show …..-3- and then when finished practice l went to thai – Laso market and bought something for cooking Thai food , when finished l came back to home and have dinner . Finally in 9.30 l took a bath and went to sleep.