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Today it the first day in a second years I have to went to school here. I still live in Jackson elementary school. It not have things change much. We only up grade to grade six and little bit of peoples are change but we are in the same grade. So now we a the biggest grade in the school and we learn harder. Today Jacob have to be a patrol so I stay with Jason and others friends and talk about I came back. I think there like to have me back. So now we learn with Mrs.Winter she was very kind. Her help me a lot like in class or at lunch and whatever. We have fun today at school and I have a hot lunch but in school is not allow the phones so I don’t have any pictures and we almost have fun at school. But after school is very bored because we  have to wait for Kerry at day cares but we can still played outsides and have fun with board games. And today is Monday so It will be a longest days in week that she have to work until 5.30. But it ok. And we get home. And we have McDonald for supper. I know it not healthy but we don’t ate it a lot.

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