Today I woke up at 6.10 A.M. and I looked at the weather in my phone it was 6 celcius so first I gonna wear short today but it say that it will have a rain so I have to change my plan but I looked at the window and it have no rain that time. I wear a pant and sweater and I go down my house to ate my breakfast, cereal and I go up to get my bag and sat there for a while and I go down and waited for Jadian to ate her breakfast, she woke up a bit late because yesterday she do her presentation that she have to sent in the facebook and present to teacher and her friends on Tuesday and today she don’t have her zero class so I don’t have to wake up so early like this and I was a bit shocked but that okay. We get out off the house and found that it was rain that time and I wear a new shoe but I don’t care anyway because it’s more comfortable than my old shoes. Jadian told me that she will go and get her friend Julia at her house and then when we at school it was 7.35 A.M. and we have to walked in school to class for about 7 minutes and I’m at the class at 7.42 A.M. and the class started at about 7.50 A.M. When the class started teacher talked to students about tomorrow trip and then she gave students a time to do her worked all the period that when she finished talking. Jadian told me by Friday that I don’t have to go because it was the long way to go there and it finished at about 7 P.M. so tomorrow I will go to school with Mind. The next class the teacher explain about a house on his presentation and all of the students watched at his presentation. Next class is Computer class and is always free in this class so we just sat there and talked together. In Math class the teacher let us do exercise in the class. My lunch today is onion ring and zucchini bread, while I ate my lunch I watched a video in U.S. History class and it was very fun. In last class if who finished the worked already the teacher will give them a free time and Jadian was sat there and draw a picture and talked with me and her friends. When the school finished we walked to the car and it was really cold and a bit of rain falling that time and it so windy and I saw many bin clash on the floor and I don’t like the weather today because it seem scared. First Jadian plan that she will let Mind walked home but the weather don’t agree with her plan so we have to drive and get Mind at her school. When we at her school we waited her for 3 minutes because our house very near to school. When we got home we ate sandwich ice-cream and it the same one that we ate at the school that we sleep in the first week and it was very good. Jadian mom came back home later because last Friday that I went to greenbay the seller forgot to bring the security thing out of me and Mind pajamas so she go there today and get it out for me and Mind and she buy her 2 new shoes and she said that it really squishy she liked it.