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Pa to Today, I woke up early, and I had Fruity Pebbles for breakfast again. I wish there are Fruity Pebbles in Thailand. I arrived at school about 7:40 am. My first was Gym class. We played steal the pins. My team lost again! We have to steal the other team’s pins. The second class was Spanish. I didn’t listen hahaha, I can’t understand Spanish.the next class was Algebra, we studied about square root. Then we went to the next class, Social Studies. Today, we didn’t do the group presentation, we walked outside the school, and picked up the garbage and throw it in the bag. Then we put the bag in the bin. Mr. Krueger put us in the group of 3, five group had three, one group had only two. I was in Group five with Karson and Dakota K. Sydnee was in Group 6, she was with Gabe. While my group were looking for the garbage, we found a bird’s egg. There was a baby bird inside the egg, but it was already dead. Syd told me that I kill the bird, she just teased me, and I replied her “I didn’t kill that bird!!” Then we went back inside the school, and had lunch. I had sub for lunch…and RICE too!! Then we went to the next class, it wasn’t reading class, because 8th grade had Badger test in this class again. The test was about…Frozen Yogurt-.,-. They finished their test about 1:30 pm. Then we went to the Choir class, we didn’t have Quest class. In the Choir, we were singing many song, and like My wish, and You and Me. The last class was Language. We drew a map of Maycomb, the town in the story “To Kill a Mockingbird”. We came back home at 3:20 pm. Then we went to visit Grandpa & Grandma, then we went shopping at Shopko. At 6:00 pm, all of Sydnee bestfriend came to her house, Lydia, Kassie, Makaylee, and Hannah. They were having a sleep over. They sleep together for one night, they watch movies together, talking, playing, do everythings together. We watched a movie called “Annie”, and we will go to bed now. Goodnight!

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