Today i want to write long blog so. I woke up i take off my t-shirt and my pants. After that i wear my new t-shirt and my new pants. So next i brash my teeth and have breakfast. My breakfast is Chicken casserole. After that i wear my socks and wear my shoes. Next we went to school. I walk to studies every class. I stay awake. I played Kickball. I play Soccer with Eric Louis Clint Tony and Max. I bought drinking water from sell machine. I wake to the car. Sandy is in that car.I sit properly in that car. I starting talk in that car. That car is fast. We still sat on that car. We came home but Eric went to YMCA before dinner. I came outside and swings. I stop to swings and stared again. So now i still swings. Now i stop but Ally come to swings. So i stared swings again. After that we stop to swings. My phone died. So i cant took any picture. I walk in house. I take off my shoes. I went to my room and charges my phone. I watch movie from Netflix. I ate dinner. I drink water. I wake back to watch movie again. I wait for wifi. Dave went to fixed. I watched how to train your dragon 2. I still watched but now i ate pudding. I done my movies. But i forget to do my homework. And my blog to. So now i writing my bolg. And when you read this is mean you read my blog. Goodnight this is my longest blog.  Yesterday is my shortest blog. Tomorrow i will write normally. Dont worried about my brain. Im ok. Lets go to bed. Bye bye. Goodnight sleep tight.