Today is Wednesday . I got up at 6.40 A.M. And today Junior didn’t wake up late cause he slept early last night . Today I had two pieces of donuts and a cup of milk as breakfast . Then we went to school . When I went to my classroom , I listen to music before class start . The first class is about religion . Then we had Math class . I did assignment all class . While I doing my assignment , I also listen to music too . We were allow to listen music when doing math assignment . Next we had break time . I went outside to play football . Then when I came back to classroom , I continue did my math assignment . Then we had English and literature class . Both of them had assignment . Then is lunch time . We didn’t bring lunch box from home . Because today we had hot lunch in a church that next to school . Then I went out to play football in the break time . Next we had spelling and history class . We had spelling test in spelling class . We also had assignment in history class ( many homework hahaha ) . Then we had P.E. . When the P.E. class was end , we went up to get our stuff and went to gym for practice . Today we finish practice very fast . After that I played football with Junior for a couple of minute . Then we went home . We had burrito as dinner . We had to make ourselves burrito . Then we went to hunter safety class . Then we came home at 9.30 P.M. Then I wrote blog in living room . After that I will do my literature assignment .