Suvannabhumi- Incheon: I can’t sleep all the way to Incheon cause I can’t find the posture to sleep. So, I sleep at Incheon airport. We have 5 hour to stay there so after sleep we find something to eat. Proud , Amy , and I were ate Kimji soup . It was very spicy and make me felt bad but I still ate it

Inchoen- Chicago :We’re on the airplane and it was boring because all I can do is sleep, eat ,and watch movies. I want to be in Chicago now I can’t wait any more!!!

Finally we are at Chicago airport. Everybody look tired . This is my 3rd trip but I’m still exciting. I really like cold weather in Wisconsin because I don’t like hot. I’m feel relax in the van because it doesn’t have any traffic like Thailand. In New Hostein , there have a lot snow but it doesn’t deep. My shoes are wet because the snow melt then I was slipping on ice and it make my pant wet. Then I change my pant and play basketball. Then we walk to Village inn to eat some pizza.