Today ,I woke up at 6.20 am. ,we hurry changed our clothes ,prepared and checked the stuff for Florida.At 6.50 am.P’Pat called us to go now.We carried our stuff and gave the card back to Mr.George.After that ,we ate egg muffin and hashbround of McDonald’s drive thru for our breakfast at Appleton Airport.We check-in so quickly and waited in the gate and Then,we came inside the airplane.I sat with P’Mook and listened to music with her.When we arrived at the Pahagonda Airport,I thought the weather was hot like Thailand (It was colder than Thailand but it was still hot^^).Mr.George went to rent the car for the Florida trip.We drove the car for about 30-40 minutes to find the restaurant to eat for our lunch.It was very hard because this was the countryside road.It has many tree , horse and cow.The view was look lie Thailand.First we saw the small mall but it didn’t have restaurant inside it and finally we saw the Mexico restaurant.It looked like the normal restaurant in Thailand.We had grilled chicken and taco for lunch.Chicken was a bit spicy but It was delicious and I bought Cheetos for eat on the way.We talked many things with each other.Mr.George drove for 2-3 hours to Orlando.When we arrived at the house, the house was cute and comfortable.At 7.15 pm., we went to Mr.George’s mom house.Sam played with JJ (Mr.George Niece’s son).They were so cute.Mr.George’s mom and dad were so friendly and they cooked chicken puff pie and fries for us to eat.We stayed with them for an hour.we played cards magician by Mr.George and saw hockey competition.We came back to our house at 9.55 pm.I went to take a shower and went to bed.GN 🎉🎉