Since I traveled from Bangkok to Chicago , it took almost 24 hours. We took of from Bangkok at 11 p.m.(local time) and arrived at Incheon at 6 a.m.(local time) . We will take of from Incheon at 11.40 a.m. , so we have a lot of time to shop or play in airport , but in south Korea almost shop didn’t open yet . It’s very boring there . After we took of from Incheon we need to stay in airplane about eleven hours . I watched two movies in the airplane and slept for a long time .
When we arrived at America , we felt very tired . When we got on the bus almost of us sleep on the way . When we arrived at the Divine Savior , it’s very cold here .
Then we carried the baggages into the school and prepare our bedroom . Then we played basketball for 30 minutes . After that we went to eat pizza at Village inn . It’s very delicious . We met Thai students that study in Wisconsin and ask they about daily life in Wisconsin . Then we came to school , took a shower , and went to bed at 21.45 p.m.