Today I woke up at about 8 A.M. and yesterday I slept in Muk house so in the morning I ate pancake for my breakfast then I change my clothes and ready to go home. When I’m at home Julie asked me and Mind that today do you have any plan and we told that we wanted to go to Porshe and Toto house and she called to Porshe host mom and she just okay. When we go to Porshe house we met his host family and they are so cute, they have 2 kids and I very love kids. We go down his basement to play snooker and I alway lost, we played spoon with her host mom when she finished to cooked her food and when all of the kids sleep already and she never lost but Toto alway lost. When we finished we played guitar hero in her theatre and it was really fun and his host family house is very big, clean and beautiful me and Mind very liked it. We ate buffalo wing for our lunch and his host mom let I tested the spicy one that she liked the most and I drank a lot of water when I ate it but I liked it so much because I love spicy food. Porshe asked me and Mind to go outside for a run and we rum outside for 10 minutes the weather is a little bit cold there and I wear a short but I like the weather today, is really nice. We took a picture with the lake and it really beautiful and good view there. When we get inside we get some snack to ate, Mind got a goldfish, me and Porshe got a oreo and it really yummy. We sat there and watched a cartoon for a while his host mom bring us a rice crispy and it super yummy when we ate it for half an hour Julie get us home and on the way home she get us an ice-cream and I got a jumping jersey cow, Mind got a cotton candy flavor and that one i s the last scoop. When we get home we took a nap for an hour. At 7.00 P.M. we ate breakfast together and I ate a hamburger with and a potatoes and it very yummy.