Today ,I woke up a bit early than the other day.I ate cereal for my breakfast and helped dad to keep the dishes.I watched cartoon with Olivia and played lego with Olivia for a while before we went out.First,We went to the hair cut for Olivia and mom.Olivia cut for a trim and curled her hair for taking passport picture.When they finished cutting the hair ,Paul called to Mom and say that today the place that we gonna took a picture closed and mom bought Seerogy’s chocolate bar for us before leaving.We went to the Walgreen to wait for Paul and Jordan.I and Olivia chose the birthday card for Jordan.It was a bit hard because he was walking around there.We came back home.I played basketball with Olivia for a while and then, Olivia called her dad to play softball together.It was very fun to play with them.We played it for 2 hours and the time went too fast and today was warm too.We went to the Soorogy’s shop and bought chocolate and we went to the mall.It had the similar shop of cute things like the mall in Appleton.I went to see it and Olivia was very interesting of it but we didn’t buy anything because I have already bought at Appleton.We walked to food zone and ate some food.We ate hot cheese ball and drank lemonade before leaving.We went to Greenbay packers hall.The shop was full of the packers thing.Paul bought can and book back.Paul and Jordan were the big fans of them.After that we went to Sam’s club,we bought many things in there.When we finished that ,we went back to home.I took a little nap in the car and watched the singing in the bath video of Olivia.It was very funny.Jordan played with her too much today.They were very cute.Before we went home,dad went to buy the mash potato in Walmart for our dinner.We ate the roast ,corn and mash potato for dinner.It was very delicious and it was the one of my favorite food too ^^.After that ,I helped mom wash the dishes.Olivia hid in the box that we put our thing in there.Jordan and Olivia continued playing to each other.It was so funny.I played hiding Easter egg with Olivia before I went to bed.🌛🌛