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Today I woke up at 6.00 A.M. and I quickly wash my face, brush my teeth and change my clothes. I go down the house to made my breakfast to ate, when I made my breakfast I heard the sound that came from a sofa so I turn around and saw that Jadian sleep there but first I watched there already and I don’t see anyone there, it because she put a very big pillow on her face so I didn’t see her and I laugh alone. I ate my breakfast for 10 minutes when I finished I turn around to see that she is awake or not and she not awake yet so I go up to my bedroom and sat there for 10 minutes and I woke Mind up at 6.50 A.M. and Jadian woke up that time too. She didn’t ate her breakfast because it’s quite late already, she asked me that I’m ready or not and I answered her that I’m already ready. We go outside and get on the car and the weather today was really cold but I liked the weather here. We’re at school about 7.20 A.M. and we walked to the first class and saw that one of the friends in the class sat there and waiting for the door to open and then one of the teacher came to open the door and we saw Muk stand near with us that time so Muk came to sat in our class until third hour. The forst class is U.S. A.P. Government and today have 2 presentation like yesterday and the presentation have to answer the question from other students too and then when the presentation finished it free in the class. The second class teacher gave a worksheet for students to do. The next class is alway free so I watched Jadian made her photo with her friends. At lunch time we keep our bags in the U.S. History class first because the class after lunch will be U.S. History. I get meat burger and snack like yesterday and we come to ate our lunch in the class after lunch U.S. History and I finished eating at 12.35 A.M. and the class started about 12.40 A.M. in the class the teacher will gave a quiz to students everytime, we watched the last great decade, when we watched the teacher will let we watched and pause and ask and answer the question that students don’t know, in the class we turn off the light so some of students looked so sleepy that time and some just pass out when we watched the video. The last class we learnt how to made a video game. Today Julie go to get Mind and when she get home we play card together and we ate cheese pizza for our dinner and we drink milk at night.

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