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On this day, I woke up at about 6 A.M. . I did the things as usual like brushing my teeth and other stuff. Porsche woke up at about 7.15 A.M. Our breakfast was donuts and yoghurt parfaits. They were still delicious as usual. I knew that today is Easter Day which means that we would be going to have a meeting with other relatives of the family. We would go to the house at about 2.30 P.M. . We relaxed and did other things as usual. Then, at about 11 A.M., we had our lunch. It was tacoes again, but they were still very delicious.

Later on, at about 2.30 P.M., we went to the house. The house belonged to Bill and Dianne whom I met earlier. I thought that they were Tricia’s parents,but Dave told to me that they were his parents. At the house, we began to talk to each other. It was a very nice conversation. I could talk to others who were either a cousin of Dave or the family members of the cousin. In the house, we began hiding the easter eggs which we would need to find them later on. After we had hide the eggs. Dianne told to the children including Porsche and I that there were also eggs that were written with the children’s names and made with a bright plastic material. These contains some good things like snacks and money. I got the one with my name and other colored eggs. I  found out that sometimes the ones who hide the eggs would give clues to people like me when we were searching for our own eggs by telling that whether if  we were ” hot” or ” cold”. Cold meant that you weren’t in the right direction , and  you were still far away from the egg. Hot meant that you were in the right direction, and you were close to the egg. The hotter the better. I got $2 and lots of snacks. We also played a small version of basketball with other children from the family. Everyone had fun in playing. The winner was Porsche.  Later on, we had our large dinner. It consisted of salad, bread rolls, ham , potatoes and  beans. They were very delicious. Everyone also talked on the table. I enjoyed in talking with the family members this way. Then, we got our desserts. It was a carrot cake and vanilla ice cream. They were also delicious too. Then, we talked again and picked up the snacks that we got earlier. Later on, we went back to the house at about 7 P.M. Finally, we finished our blogs and went to bed.

PS: I would be excited to go to school tomorrow! I mean it.

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