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Hi! Today is Earth Day, Happy Earth Day! I arrived at school about 7:35 am. Today’s weater was very cold. I saw hails everywhere, on the ground, on top of the car. I cleaned the car, because there were hails on the car’s window, and I wanted to clean it. My first class at school was Gym class, we skipped rope and ran around the gymnasium, we ran about 4-5 times. I was very tried! Sydnee is very “Tasto Fit” (it means strong, big muscles for me:-) only). Then we played a game like a dodge ball, but a little bit different.
The next class was Spanish. Mrs. Callejon told me about American people, like American people always think of the future. They won’t think in the past or now, and it real!
The next class was Algebra. We studied a new chapter Yayyy!!, BUT…still boring, and I don’t know the name of this chapter. This class was very boring.
The forth class was Social Studies. The partner that present today was Hadden and Karson. They presented on chapter 16 about the Civil War. I remembered the color of Union is Blue, and Confederacy is Grey. The war was 12 Apr 1861 and end in the next day. Yayy!! I learnt new things. Their presentation was very good. I liked it. The quiz (Kahoot!) after the presentation was pretty easy, only some question that hard. I got 3 wrong, there were 13 question. The winner was Kassie, she got the highest score, and she got all correct. They had a game too, the game was about the war. Students in the class had to pretend that they were the soldiers in this war, Hadden was the Confederate, and Karson was the Union. Karson had to choose two students to be the Union with him, he chose Dakota K. and Grant. Grant had to pretend that he died in this war. His acting was very funny. At 11:30 am, we had our lunch. I had Chicken Cordon Bleu, it is a baked chicken breast with bread, cheese, and ham. Syd made her friends say their like boy in Thai language “Chan Chop Pu Chai”…because teacher George taught Sydnee to say that sentence in Thai when teacher George and P’Pat came to visit us at our house. I don’t think Syd can remember that hahaha. She also made Bryce to say that, very funny.
Then we went to the next class, it was reading class. I brought “Khun Chai Pawornruj” to read in this class again. The next class was Quest. Makaylee was the opener. I don’t really understand the game, and…I made the Girl team lost! So sad!!
The next class was Choir class. 8th grade had to choose their six favorite songs to sing in the show. I don’t have to choose cuz I won’t sing.
The last class was Language. Mrs. McGrath let us read “To Kill a Mocking bird” Chapter 9. I was very sleepy. I read about 10 pages. This book is boring.
At 5:00 pm, Syd had to go to the Confirmation class at the church until 6:00 pm. I stayed at home and I played piano, I played “Mai Bok Thur” and today I started to play “Pae Jai”. It is 9:30 pm now, I have to go to bed. Bye Bye

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