Hi, today I woke up early (6 O’clock) to wach my hair and then eat breakfast, french toast. 7:35, dad took us to Bethany school. 8 O’clock, we arrived school and we learn Fairth ( In thins class, we have to answer the question like What did God give for you without asking? the answer is food, happy and other) I like Fairth very much. After Fairth class, we went to learn Science, Math and English. Then we went to eat lunch, corn, orange, hot dog  and chocolate milk. After lunch, we went to gim and watch our friends played basketball, witch was very good. Then we learn Reading and have spelling teast and went home. We went to dad’s offten party (from 5 O’clock – 7 O’clock) We also bought a cake, witch was very very big. 7:30,we arrived home and I do my blog, read a book and go to bed. Bye