Last night I thought that I would go to bed at 8:30 but I couldn’t because Clara tried to take a picture and video of me and post it on Snapchat.When she took a picture of me she would be in trouble because I would try to get her phone to delete it.The fight made me warm and it made Clara sweaty.So we fighting until 9 o’clock then we went to bed and Clara needed to make her bed again because we fighting on her bed.
Today we didn’t have to take the bus to school so I woke up at 6:45 and we left home around 7:30.Today we had to leave our house little bit earlier because today was Garrett’s birthday and he had to bring some donuts to school for his birthday.So we had to stopped at the store on the way to buy some donuts for Garrett.We stopped at the store about 5 minutes then we went to school.We were at the school around 7:40 so we had to wait for the bell to rang but today we didn’t wait for the bell in the cafeteria,we waited in the library.we waited for 5 minutes then we went upstairs and started the first class but too bad,in Math class they had an exam again so I just sat in the room and practiced my new writing style in Thai.Today I couldn’t take a nap because yesterday I sat in the other room but today I sat in the same room that they had an exam.Same like yesterday the exam started around 8 o’clock and over at 9 o’clock then we went upstairs and started the Science class.In the class today we had a policeman came to teach us.The police will come every 2 weeks so this time was the second time that I met him.Then after Science we had English class and in the class everyone was doing their project so I just sat and wrote my blog for today.We had English class for 30 minutes then we went to have some lunch at 11 o’clock.After lunch we went to math class and everyone continued do their English project.I had nothing to do again so I continued write my blog in my note book.After Math class we had Line Time then Band WIN Time and Tech Ed.In Line Time the teacher started to read the book on the last 2 pages of chapter 3 and continued to chapter 4.That made me confusing because I just started to read chapter 3 so I didn’t know what was the story.Next class was WIN Time so we continued make our golf course but we didn’t do nothing much,we just made a hole and that was one thing that we did today.But in the class today it had something very funny that made us laughed all class,one of our classmates burned himself with a hot glue and he said ” Holy hot” and he ran to the sink near by us.Next in Tech Ed class we continued do our group project and today I done my star,HURRAY.At 3:05 school over so we took the bus home and we were at home around 3:35.Then Cole and I watched the show “Bizarre Foods” until 4:45 the show end and Michelle,my host mom came back home.Around 4:50 Garrett came back home and at 5 o’clock we left the house to the restaurant “Stevie B’s” for Garrett birthday.On the way Clara and I played the Rubik’s cube but Clara look like didn’t want to play so we played just 1 time.We were at the restaurant around 5:30 and we left the restaurant around 6:30.The restaurant was the pizza buffet restaurant it had lots kind of pizza like Mac and Cheese pizza or dessert pizza so today I had 4 pizzas! On the way back home we played the Rubik’s cube and I taught Clara the second row.We were at home around 7 o’clock and Clara tried to practice her Rubik’s cube.So I dropped my thing and prepared myself to go outside to play basketball.I played just 10 minutes because it rained before so the ball was wet and there was windy that made my hand and my ears freezing.I went inside at 7:10 and we watched a show until 8 o’clock then I went upstairs to do my stuff and went to bed at 9 o’clock.

Today the weather changed all the time.This morning when we went outside from our house there was snowing and raining.But in this afternoon after school we went outside from the school there was little bit sunny and windy but it not too bad,we could play outside.On the way back home the sky was dark but when we were at home there was sunny and little bit windy.That was good for me so I could play outside today.