Today is Friday . We had half day at school . Because mom told us that all teachers will go to other school for congregation in afternoon . And mom doesn’t need to go because she is supporter . We had cereal as a breakfast today ( Junior said cereal again ?!!! hahaha ) . When we arrived at school , I did my homework at my classroom before the class start . First class we had Christ Light . We had to take a test in this class but I didn’t have to take a test in this class . So , I brought my homework up and did while other people taking a test . Then we had Math class . We did an assignment in this class . Then I went outside in a break time . I played basketball with Nolan and Junior outside . We played basketball about 5 minutes . Then we came back to the classroom . We had English class next . First Mr. Roaker gave us a magazine to read . Then he gave a sheet of crossword to us . It has to use information in magazine to answer it . Then he read a book for us to listen . Then he gave us all assignment in this week . He gave it to us to check that we missed what assignment in this week . And we have to get a parents’s signature too . Then the school was end . Then mom , Junior , and I went out from the school to home . We had a lunch at home . The lunch was peanut butter sandwich , chocolate pudding , sting cheese , oat meal , and milk . Then we waited for dad . Then we went to Zack’s graduation in Stevens point at his school . We took two hours to there . Then we use about one hour in school’s post training . Then they took photo for a couple minute . After that we went to firefighter memorial . It look like a park . It is very beautiful . Then we went to Chillis restaurant . I had half rack babeQ rib as a dinner . Then we came back home . And Beth still use the van because her car didn’t finish yet . We used three hours to come back home . It was a very long drive . I slept all the way . We arrived at home at 10.30 P.M. .Then I went to take a shower first . After that I came to living room to upload blog .