Today, I woke up at 6:40, eat pancake for breakfast. After breakfast, I take a shower and get dress. Today, we have to go to the temple and all the Thai kids were there. We arrived the temple at 09:55. It not really look like temple in Thailand, it kind of a temple in a house. About 2 hour latter, we went out and talk for a while, today is really winddy and cold. We went home and ate lunch. Then we took Holin back home and mom Dori took Emma, Dillon and I to grandma Miller’s house to sleep over there. We arrived her house about 02:50 p.m. and played game on internet for a while and went to a birthday party. We arrived there at 05:00 and joked the party, they have ice_cream cake and it Was very yummy. 3 hour latter, we said goodbye to Miller’s cousin and went back home. Emma, Dillon and grandma Miller play games while I write my blog. Next, I will go to bed.