Today Emma and I woke up at 7:40 a.m. Get dress and eat breakfast, pancake with chocolate, yummy. Then we took a shower and I read a book. Afer that I listen to the music. Then we ate lunch, pancake. After lunch, we went to MC Sport and Emma and Dillon get the roler bade (I didn’t get anything because I allready got roler bade. After MC Sport, we went home and go roler skete,fun!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we went inside and I read a book while Emma played on her i-pad. After that we went outside for 1 hour. Then we went inside and find something to do(nothing to do) Emma facetime her friend, Holin (she said that she have nothing to do too) Then we eat dinner, potato, milk, and ships. After dinner I read a book and went sket. Then I eat apple and write blog. Next, maybe I will waatch T.V. or read a book and go to bed. Bye