Today Kerry have to go for work in the morning when we woke up in the morning and have a cereals for a breakfast same as everyday. Then just relax until ten o’clock and Grandpa Don to pick us up. So we played with Rigby for wait. Then when Grandpa don pick us up we are went to Kwik trip first for get some drink and some candy bars. Then we went to Grandpa don work place first and we help him clean up and both of us get five dollars for help him cleaning. He was very cool. Grandpa don like to hunt an animals so he have the gun of the back of his car. Then we get back to Grandpa Don home and watching TV. We have pizza for lunch again. I think I will be fat if I live here. Then we get out again to the recycle place for put the cans away and we get 4.25 for it. It a lot in Thai. It about 120 baht. Then Kerry pick us up and we just get home so I have a nachos for a dinner that left from yesterday.