Today I woke up very late about 9 o’clock because last night I went to bed late about 10:45.So today I can’t do anything much because we needed to go back to our house at 1 o’clock.Then we finished our lunch at noon we had time left before 1 o’clock.So me Garrett and Michelle,my host mom,we join and played a card game “UNO”.But Garrett lost a lot and he wanted to out.He’s out for a while then me and Michelle invited him to join us again,he said “Yes” if we stopped somewhere on the way home “Burger King” he will play 10 rounds.When we finished first round,Greta wanted to play the other game “Garbage”.So Garrett can’t at his “Burger King”.We played “Garbage”until 1:45 then we went back home.We at home around 4 o’clock to dropped me and Garrett.Then Clara Cole and Michelle went to the church to prepare everything for tomorrow.At home I watched a movie “Madagascar 2” when the movie end,they were back and we had tiny pizza for supper.Then I went outside with Clara to played basketball and rode a bike for a little bit.While we rode a bike on the way back,it so hard because it had a very strong wind went to the other way! When we back home,we went to the opposite side to saw some horses and played with some kitten.Michelle was not home so we had a supper for dinner!