Today is a good Friday . The weather isn’t cold much . The breakfast is waffle , syrup , and milk . When we arrived at school , we went to play basketball a little bit . Then we went to our class . In the math class I didn’t have any homework . So , I picked up my novel and read it . Then we
I went outside in break time . T. George and P’Pat came to school to visit us during the break too . Next is English class I had to do some exercises . I studied about pronoun in English class . Then is the lunch time . My lunch is sandwich with butter and milk . After that I had a little bit free time . So , I picked up the novel and continue read it . And today I taught some Thai words to my friends . And they also taught me how to wrote handwriting too . Then we had to go to a church and sang a song there for good Friday . After that we came home early and prepare to go out for dinner . A dinner is fired fish . During we went home , dad took us to look some deer around forest . We saw six deer .