Yesterday I waked up at 7a.m. We removed bags to downstairs. It so heavy. Then we take a walk aroud the apartment and talked together.When we finished I ate breackfast and waited for friends to come.Then everybody came to the apartment and they tqlked and cried together.I fell sad with them. It time to say good byeeee. We go to hotel inChicago by bus.During we go we eat bisgit, nuggets and french fried. When we arrived we removed bags to our room. I happy because I stay with Fah, Pang and In but Pear do’t stay with us she stay in another room. We went to Skydeck by train but it take a long time to get tickets so we waited about 40min. We eat dinner in Pizza king before we went to Skydeck. Then we go to Skydeck. It have 103 floors! very high towel. It have beautiful view*0* Then we came back to hotel